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Practice Areas

Liquor Law


The law firm of Matthew L. DeVicchio Co., L.P.A. represents Ohio’s liquor permit holders and those seeking to obtain a liquor permit.  We will help guide you through the complex transactions to make sure you remain in good standing with all the relevant government agencies involved.


Growing up in a family which owned and operated a restaurant, and having personally founded and operated a restaurant and bar, Mr. DeVicchio understands the serious challenges that restaurant and bar owners face in business from start to finish.  Mr. DeVicchio personally represents various bars, restaurants, carry-outs, grocery stores, brewpubs and wineries.  Below are a sampling of the variety of services we offer in liquor law, including the following:


• Acquisition of liquor permits


• Transfer of liquor permits


• Obtaining temporary permits for non-profit    organizations


• Representation in front of the Ohio Liquor  Commission


• Underage sale defense


• Establishment of private clubs


• Ongoing counsel for the operation of the  establishment

Employment Law

The law firm of Matthew L. DeVicchio Co., L.P.A. is dedicated to protecting the rights of clients and advising business owners located in Ohio and Florida on various employment law matters.  As general counsel to businesses of every size we regularly provide legal counsel to our clients pertaining to the day-to-day employment law issues that invariably arise. In the event complex employment litigation arises we assist our clients by engaging specialized legal counsel while easing the burden on our clients by directing and monitoring the day-to-day case activity to ensure our clients’ receive fair, competent, diligent, and zealous legal representation. We will help guide owners and workers through litigation, administrative proceedings, and in the following employment law areas:



  • Employment Termination, Release and Severance Agreements

  • Employment - Manuals, Handbooks, Regulations and Workplace Policies

  • Employee Termination Certificates

  • Fair Labor Standards/Overtime Violations (FLSA)

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

  • Employee Life insurance/health insurance/disability insurance

  • Unpaid Wages/Unpaid Commissions
  • Discrimination-Age/Disability/Race/National Origin/Gender
  • Bureau of Workers Compensation Successor Liability Issues
Corporate Law

The law firm of Matthew L. DeVicchio Co., L.P.A. regularly advises clients in connection with structuring of their business entities including establishing corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business arrangements, maintaining corporate governance, shareholder agreements and operating agreements.


The firm provides counsel in the sale of stock or membership interests, sale of closely held businesses, and consults regularly with clients’ faced with business separation and/or business “deadlock” among owners.  We work hand-in-hand with accountants to ensure we develop a strategy to address our clients’ legal and tax planning needs.


The firm concentrates in creating business entities that make the most sense for our clients.  We regularly serve our clients in connection with the need for ongoing counsel covering a wide variety of business related matters in Ohio and Florida including:




  • Forming the Corporation

  • Naming the Corporation

  • Drafting the Shareholder Agreement

  • Applying for the Tax ID number

  • Choosing S-Corp

  • Tax & Liability Aspects of S-Corp

  • Obtaining S-Corp Status

  • Issuing/Selling Shares



Limited Liability Companies (LLC)


  • Forming the LLC

  • Naming the LLC

  • Drafting the Operating Agreement

  • Financial Benefit of the LLC

  • Tax and Liability Aspects of the LLC

  • Costs/Benefits of LLC vs S-Corp

  • Selling Interests in Company

  • Dissolving the LLC

Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation


Business disputes and commercial litigation encompass a wide variety of claims and defenses asserted in the context of business transactions.  Such transactions are often contractual in nature and involve legal issues such as contract formation and interpretation, breach of contract, legal excuse for nonperformance, as well as legal remedies and damages.  Other business disputes are not contractual in nature but may involve conduct subjecting a party to liability such as intentional interference with a business relationship.  Other lawsuits involve claims between current or former co-owners of business entities.  These claims often arise in the context of the termination of a business, or the ownership rights of a business owner.

Below is a list of services offered:


• Breach of Contract Litigation

• Business Litigation

• Real Estate Litigation

• Condominium/Homeowner Litigation

• Commercial Real Estate Litigation

• Employment Law Litigation

• Corporation, LLC, and Partnership dissolutions

• Residential Evictions

• Commercial Evictions

• Property Damage Litigation

Condominium Law

The law firm of Matthew L. DeVicchio Co., L.P.A. represent associations, unit owners, and prospective condominium buyers and sellers throughout Florida and Ohio.


Mr. DeVicchio has personally served on the board of homeowners associations, including having formed homeowners’ association(s) and serving as general counsel to the association.


The state of Florida is well known for its residential condominiums.  It is popular choice for many full-time residents and also part-time residents of Florida.  At times condominium procedures could be complex and it is wise to have an attorney get involved early on in the process to guide you.


Before you buy a condominium in the state of Florida make sure you understand what you are getting and make sure you receive a copy of the documents prior to buying.


Contact the law firm of Matthew L. DeVicchio Co., L.P.A. to help you every step of the way.


The founder of the firm, Matthew L. DeVicchio, Esq. has extensive hands-on experience in the day-to-day management and development of commercial property and regularly advises landlords and tenants of shopping malls, strip plazas, office buildings and other commercial properties concerning their leasing needs.  Below is a list of services offered:


  • Shopping Center leases (big box, anchor, in line, end cap, kiosk locations)

  • Tenant estoppel certificates & non-disturbance agreements

  • Lease Agreements, subleases & lease assignments

  • Ground Leases



As real estate professionals we represent national retailers, developers, shopping center owners and tenants in all aspects of commercial real estate law.  Below is a list of services offered in connection with real estate acquisitions, sales and development.


  • Letter of Intent, Access and Confidentiality Agreements

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Option Agreements

  • Easement Agreements, Operating Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

  • Review and Draft Lease Agreements for both Landlord and Tenants

  • Construction Agreements, AIA Contracts

  • Tenant Built Out/Improvements, Work Letters

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